OzCHI 2017: Ready, steady, go!

The annual OzCHI is an Australian conference for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and takes place next week in Brisbane. It is the 29th conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) of the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society of Australia and I am super excited about attending it for the first time. As this is a long flight (>24 hours), I aimed to make the most of the conference and I am excited about my schedule so far:

Workshop on “Mixing Quantitative with Qualitative Methods”

Workshops are a great way to meet people before the main conference starts. The workshop on “Mixing Quantitative with Qualitative Methods. Current Practices in designing experiments, gathering data and analysis with mixed methods reporting” caught my attention, as I find methodological discussions really interesting. Recently, Åsa Cajander and I submitted a paper for CHI 2018 and during the writing process we discussed, that we could write something about the approach we used there. That’s what we did and it got accepted. It is a half-day workshop and after a keynote given by Andreas Duenser, the submissions will be shortly presented (10 minutes each). The organisers (Tamara Heck, Kate Davis, Ann Morrison, Stephen Viller) shared the submissions with us in advance, so that we could read them beforehand.

Doctoral Consortium & Early Career Symposium

I submitted my research to the doctoral consortium (DC) organised by Jaz Choi, Ben Matthews, and Peter Lyle. I am really happy that I was accepted to present my work, especially as I am currently writing my thesis summary (“kappa”). This is an excellent opportunity for me to get feedback from peers and senior researchers, especially in relation to how my thesis contributes to the HCI community. I already started reading the other submissions and am really looking forward to the consortium. I think there is so much to learn when you join the discussions about other people’s research (see for example the consultation clinics we attended in the summer school in London).

The participants of the DC are also invited to attend the last session of the symposium for early career researchers, organized by Geraldine Fitzpatrick and Jon Whittle. Here the career development participants will reflect on what they’ve gained from the day and share their experiences and perceived challenges.

Student Volunteering

In the past I applied to be a student volunteer (SV) for CHI, but as there had been many applicants I was not selected. I tried again for OzCHI and got accepted! The SV chairs organise this by email and WhatsApp and an initial roster was already sent out. They paid attention to the sessions I participate in, so I was assigned to the workshop and the DC. I am also super excited that Lee Woods is also one of the student volunteers. We attended the ACM SIGCHI / EIT Health summer school together, so she was right about: it’s not a “goodbye” but a “see you later”. By the way: Lee will present her paper “The development and use of personas in a user-centred mHealth design project” in the Industry Presentations session on Wednesday afternoon. So if you attend OzCHI: don’t miss that one! 🙂


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